When the School of Biblical Studies, Jos first began to house on campus students a small dorm was constructed.  The dorm was an ideal size for the small student body and allowed for some growth.  As time has progressed the student body has grown significantly and the existing dorm which was built to house 12 students now holds over 80 men!  Each room has as many beds as it can hold and space is very limited.


This lack of space has slowed our enrollment because there are not enough beds to house all of the potential students.  Many more could enroll and learn to be preachers and teachers of the gospel if we had room to house them.  The student body has now reached an excess of 100 students.  Over 80 of these students are men, but the remaining students are young women.  The single dorm that is present on campus houses only the men.  The female students are then forced to stay with loving families out in the surrounding villages.


This arrangement has forced us to begin building a new dormitory on campus.  The project got underway during 2013 and has progressed at a rapid pace.  Thanks to the love and concern of individuals and congregations all over the US the project continues to move.  This site is to inform and update on the progress of the dormitory.  Hopefully, it will also inspire those who visit to make a contribution to the project in order to help it continue.



Update, Feb. 2016

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