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Arrival time is 8:00 a.m. and dismissal time is 3:00 p.m. You will need to sign your child in and out at your child's classroom door each day. Please be as prompt as possible in leaving and picking up your child. Since it is impossible to recognize all family members, neighbors, etc. who might be authorized to pick up your child (especially early in the year), we will ask the person who leaves the child to sign in each morning upon arrival and sign out each afternoon. If anyone other than that same person will be picking the child up, please make a note of that on the sign-in form. Sign-in also requires listing medicines, early checkout, change in phone number, or any other information we should be aware of. Your child will not be released to anyone whose name is not on the transportation plan part of the application. We hope these procedures do not inconvenience you, but we do feel that they are necessary for the safety of each child. Children cannot be sent into or out of the building unattended!


You may bring your child to the southeast entrance (by the playground) in the back corner under the covered entrance. (at the flagpole). This is the only entrance that Love and Learn students should use. The earliest you may bring your child is 7:40 a.m. and all children must be picked up by 3:15. The Love and Learn entrance will be locked each day from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for safety. If you need access between those hours, ring the doorbell or call the school office.



Parents should pre-register children by completing a registration packet and paying a registration fee of $50.00 per child. This is an annual, non-refundable fee that guarantees your child's place in the program. Parents of children on the waiting list will be contacted as soon as a space is available. The following information must be on file for your child before he/she enters Love and Learn.

1. Registration/Application form

2. Child Health Record (from pediatrician or health dept.)

3. School enrollment cards (front and back of two (2) cards

for emergency information)

4. Pre-placement visit form (blue)

5. Signed center policy (registration agreement-pink)

6. Photography/Videography Release Form

7. Field Trip Permission Form


The following tuition rates are in effect for 3, 4, or 5-year-olds:

(additional children in a family receive a 33 percent discount)

2 days/week $225.00/month

3 days/week $300.00/month

5 days/ week $425.00/month

Generally speaking the first child (or the child attending the most days) in a family pays full price and each additional attends at a reduction of one-third the regular fee. Since there are so many combinations of days and ages, please check for the exact amount. Since our expenses are due on a monthly basis, tuition is due the first of each month. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged if tuition is not received by the 10th of each month. Since our non-profit budget is based on full enrollment, it is necessary for you to pay even for days your child does not attend. Remember that teachers must be here and all operating costs continue even when your child is absent! Please give a two-week notice if your child will be leaving the program. This gives us time to notify the next child on our list. Refunds cannot be made if a child leaves in the middle of a month. Please pay monthly.


Every precaution will be taken for the health and safety of your child. When your child becomes ill with a fever, virus, cold or any communicable disease, we ask that you not send him/her to school until he/she has been free of fever, vomiting, or other signs of illness for 24 hours. If a child becomes ill while at school, he will be separated from the group and a parent will be called. If your child is well enough to come to school, we will expect him/her to go outside with his/her class, weather permitting. A more detailed health policy will be sent home this fall.


If your child is taking medication we will administer it only if written instructions are given and the medicine is clearly labeled. DO NOT leave medicines in your child's backpack or cubbie. All medicines should be given to your child's teacher along with written instructions upon arrival. A note to this effect should be on the sign-up sheet.


In the event of an emergency, we will contact a parent as soon as possible. If you are out of town for the day, we will use your emergency numbers from the enrollment form. Please keep us informed of changes in those numbers. The emergency release form authorizes the director to get emergency care for your child if the situation demands and you cannot be reached.

All Love and Learn staff members are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid.


Children will need to wear comfortable clothes that are free of complicated fastenings. Remember that many activities are messy and children are encouraged to use tempera paints, paste, glue, markers, finger paint, etc. Please keep in mind that clothes need to be washable and strong enough to withstand playground stresses. Keep in mind that we will have a period of outdoor play every day that weather permits, so send jackets or sweaters as needed. Also, every child needs a change of clothes including socks and underwear in case of accidents or spills. All items should be labeled clearly with the child's name in permanent marker.


Preschoolers: (Ages 3 to 5) Children must be toilet trained before attending preschool. Diapers and pull-ups are not appropriate for school. Children are encouraged to be independent in their toileting needs, so please dress them in clothing that they are capable of getting on and off themselves.


We usually celebrate birthdays at snack or lunch time. If you would like to provide a special treat for your child's birthday, we would be glad to have them. Please let us know in advance. We attempt to have birthdays coincide with the "Special Person," a self-concept building activity that features each child on a bulletin board and as the leader, special helper, etc. If your child has a summer birthday, he/she will be a "Special Person" during a week when there are no birthdays. A list of items to bring will be sent home.


A light breakfast will be served each morning at approximately 8:30. It will consist of a bread product (cereal, waffle, toast, biscuit, muffin, pancake, french toast sticks, etc.), 4 ounces of fruit or juice, and 6 ounces of milk.


Lunch is provided each day according to CACFP, USDA, and TDHS guidelines for nutritious meals and snacks. Each day your child will have a serving of meat, a serving of bread, a fruit and a vegetable as well as ounces of milk. Our food is catered from the Hardin County School system and meets all state and federal requirements. You will receive a menu each month so you will know exactly what your child will be served each day at school. The quality of our meals is excellent and has been a very popular addition to our program with both parents, teachers and students.


Love and Learn will provide all beverages at school. All beverages will be provided at school so there is no need to send a thermos of any kind. State law requires that we serve milk for lunch and either milk, 100% fruit juice or water for breakfast (snack). Again, you do not need to send any food, beverages or snacks of any kind to school. All food and beverages will be provided and are included in your tuition.


Love and Learn attempts to follow the Hardin Country Schools calendar as much as possible for the convenience of our families. However, we do not take all school holidays nor all severe weather dates since these occur so frequently.

Please consult your Love and Learn calendar for closing dates. In the case of extended closures (ice storms, etc.) listen to local radio stations for information about reopening. Love and Learn will re-open if we feel our students can reach school safely. Generally speaking, we will have a full two-week break at Christmas and a week of Spring Break and a 2-day fall break. We will follow the Hardin County School schedule as much as possible for the sake of convenience as well as to accommodate families with older children.


Field trips will take place occasionally throughout the year. When a field trip is planned, parents will be notified. Parents will be notified in writing of each trip planned. Transportation will be provided by teachers and parents on church vans or parent's vehicles. Seat belt laws will be followed at all times.  

Field Trip Permission Form can be  downloaded, printed, filled-in and returned to school on or before the planned activity.


Please try to arrive as close as possible to your child's arrival/departure time. We open at 7:45 and close at 3:15. If there is a problem which is beyond your control, please call and we will do our best to make arrangements for those unusual circumstances. Parents who are more than 15 minutes early/late will be asked to verify the time on the sign-in sheet, as well as pay a $10 early/late fee. Parents who are habitually early/late will be asked to pay the $10 fee plus $1.00 per minute for each minute over 15.


There are several problems associated with bringing toys from home:

1. The toys get lost or broken and the children get upset.

2. Arguments between children ensue over toys and their ownership.

3. The children give toys away without consent of parent.

In order to avoid these problems, items should be brought to school only on special activity days such as Show & Tell or Special Person days. You will be notified in advance of a particular item if and when your child needs to bring it!


We believe children must learn through experience. Our teachers will lovingly guide and redirect children to help them learn to cooperate, settle disputes and to have positive, educational experiences. This encourages and enhances their growth and development while in our care. We feel this can best be accomplished by keeping rules simple and positive. Redirecting problem behavior before it gets out of hand and using "time-out" or thinking time usually works best. Severe punishment, abusive language, humiliating or frightening treatment will never be used at Love & Learn





1. A change of clothes should be brought and left at school for accidents and spills. Make sure to send socks and underwear! Please label all items and place in a ziploc bag.

2. A regular sized book bag (one that will hold a regular size sheet of 9 X 12 construction paper without folding) with your child's name clearly and permanently marked on the outside will be needed to carry materials home each day! Please check the bag each night for notes and information and discuss the items your child has made!

4. Supplies: A list will be provided to you in late summer that will give specific consumable items that your child will need to bring. Please do not label these items since they will be stored and used as needed by the entire group.

5. Happi-Nappis: Each child will be assigned a nap pad that will fit the rest cots. The cost is $25.00 for a sleeping bag that will be your child's to keep. Your child will not need anything else for rest time. A Happi-Nappi order form is attached.

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Sunday: Bible Classes, 9 AM;  Worship 10 AM & 6 PM - Wednesday: 7 PM
(Please see calendar for occassional changes to schedule.)

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