The School of Biblical Studies, Jos, started on 20th August, 1989, with 12 students attending a 2 year Diploma course. In 1992 the school introduced a 3 year Diploma course. Then in 2002 the school introduced a 4 year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies. This degree prepares students to preach the gospel as well as teach Bible in Primary and Secondary Schools. One year later in 2003 SBS introduced our 4 year B.A Ministry course of study to prepare those who are willing to preach and work full time with local congregations. 

The School of Biblical Studies has grown from 12 students to the enrollment of 56 in 2006. The School of Biblical Studies has graduated 170 men and women. Out of these graduates: 5 are from Uganda; 2 from Bangladesh; 3 from Liberia; 2 from Cameroon; 2 from Chad; 1 from Ghana, with the rest being Nigerians. Our graduates have been sent by local congregations to serve as missionaries in Liberia, Chad, Cameroon, Ghana, Bangladesh, and Uganda. Two continue to work in the Niger Republic. Lord willing 5 graduates of the School of Biblical Studies will be teaching in a School of Biblical Studies in Northwestern Uganda which is scheduled to open in August of 2008. 

The focus of the School of Biblical Studies training is on evangelism and the sound doctrine of our Lord Jesus. Each weekend during the semester, students are assigned by twos to go out to villages or cities. There they knock doors and set up Bible studies. When people are baptized in those villages, or towns, a local church is organized. Through this effort approximately 2,100 people have been baptized. 

Of our 170 graduates; 5 have died and 2 are not actively preaching the gospel. We are very thankful to God for the dedicated men and women who continue to preach God's word. Of the 5 women who graduated SBS; 3 are teaching children classes in local congregations, and 2 have gone on to obtain their Bachelors Degrees. 

Programs of the School of Biblical Studies: 
1. Our Certificate Course is a two year course to train people in Ministry. 2. Our Diploma is a three year course that trains people in Ministry as well. 

3. Our B.A. Ministry is a four year program which is aimed at training preachers to enable them to preach and teach. 

4. Our B.A. Biblical Studies program is academic in nature. Graduates of this program are able to teach in Primary and Secondary Schools as well as preach the gospel. 

5. Our Extension Program is a two year certificate course which is aimed at those who want to improve themselves while attending a local congregation. Its aim is to teach college level Bible courses and provide leadership in the local congregations. The majority of these groups of people are married with children, so they cannot attend school full-time. This extension is divided into five zones at this time. Each zone holds classes for two weeks, and then assignments are given. The students complete the assignments and turn them in. The rest of the teaching for the year is done through videos. 

6. Our 2 year Agriculture Program was started in August of 2006 with the help of Healing Hands International. This program is meant to be used as an evangelism tool while providing families with food obtained by small plot farming. SBS organizes vegetable production workshops where the principles of farming, planting vegetables on raised beds, and composting are taught. These workshops are open to Christians and non-Christians. This, we believe, will create opportunities for us to reach non-Christians with the gospel. We invite you to join us as a partner to reach people with the Gospel of Christ. 


Dr. Solomon I. Aguh President SBS






Dr. Solomon I. Aguh was born in Benue State, Nigeria. He holds a B.BA Business Administration at University of Mississippi, Oxford, 1980; an MBA Business Administration, Lincoln University, Jefferson City, 1982; a B.S. Bible, Freed Hardeman University; LL.D Freed Hardeman University, 2000. Solomon is a foundation member of those who started the School of Biblical Studies, Jos. He worked with the Primary School Board, Makurdi, Benue State, 1971 – 1975 as Head Teacher. He taught as Lecturer with the Department of Management Studies, University of Jos, 1982 – 1987. Solomon has worked with SBS since the beginning of the school in 1989 as her pioneer Director and now as the President. Aguh is married to Mrs. Rachel M. Aguh with two children; Gloria W. Aguh and Nater-Jighjigh Aguh.

Mrs. Rachel M. Aguh obtained her B.Sc. Home Economics from Freed-Hardeman University 1989. She got her M.PA from Benue State University, Makurdi, Benue State, 2007. She worked with Jos Primary School Board as a teacher from 1974 – 1988 and 1982 – 1987. As a foundation member of the school, she started work with SBS in January 1990. Rachel is currently the Registrar of the school. She is married to Solomon I. Aguh with two children.Mrs. Rachel M. Aguh


Joseph Igbudu Azembeh was born on 24 August 1967, Azembeh hails from Mbaduku in Vandeikya Local Government of Benue State. He attended Nigerian Christian Bible College Ukpom, Akwa Ibom State and obtained a Diploma in Bible and Diploma in Religious Education. He then attended the University of Calabar, Akwa Ibom State, where he obtained a B.A. Degree in Religious Studies. Joseph is currently pursuing his M.A in Church History at University of Jos and a M.RS. Degree from Nations University, Brentwood, TN. He joined the SBS family in 2006. He and his wife Jane have a daughter named Mary. 


Brother Daniel Boi started working in the World Bible School Follow-up Program in Jalingo, Adamawa State, after his graduation from SBS in 1995.   He transferred to Lokoja, Kogi State in 1998 then to Jos, Plateau State in 2002.  He went back to classes and completed a four year degree program at SBS graduating in 2006.   Daniel then enrolled in the  Degree at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria, Bukuru, Plateau State to pursue a Master’s Degree.   He completed his class work on May 9, 2008 and by the invitation of Dr. Solomon Aguh, moved with his family to Jos in August to start teaching at SBS.   He completed and defended his thesis in November and obtain his Master’s Degree in Biblical Theology in May 2009.  The Church of Christ in Hagerstown, Maryland has agreed to support Daniel as a teacher and evangelist.


Naphtali Dagasamah Hails from Cham in Gombe State. He attended Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom, Akwa Ibom State graduating with a Diploma in Bible. He also graduated from Freed-Hardeman University with a B.A in Bible and M.Min. Naphtali was among the first teachers of SBS in 1989. He now teaches and serves as Evangelism coordinator. He is a widower with two sons; Abner and Abashi.


Brother Emmanuel Owakayi Egyegini was born in Doma, Nasarawa State, in February 1976.   He has been a very busy Christian after he graduated with a B.A. in Bible from SBS in 2007.    Emmanuel became the preacher of the Church of Christ in Doma, and he started spreading the gospel on a local radio program named Let the Bible Speak.   He also taught in a Junior Government Secondary School, Islamiya, Lafia, for his one year of teaching practice to obtain a Post Graduate Diploma in Education.   He continued his studies and obtained a Diploma in Computer Application and a Diploma in Computer Engineering.  


Recently Emmanuel completed his M.A. in Ethics and Philosophy.     He is currently teaching four courses in those subjects.  Emmanuel is single, but plans to marry in October of this year.    It has been a blessing being able to watch this young man grow into a mature Christian evangelist and teacher.  Would your congregation be interested in helping support this man to teach at SBS? 

Tom Ekpot holds a B.Sc. Degree in Microbiology from the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State; B.A. in Bible from the School of Biblical Studies, Jos; a M.Sc. in Environmental Microbiology from University of Jos; and an M.A. in Bible from Freed-Hardeman University, Henderson TN, USA. He is currently a candidate for M.Phil/Ph.D in the University of Jos, Plateau State. Tom is married to Sandra Ekpot and is blessed with two boys, Goodnews and Godswill. He has been employed at the School of Biblical Studies, Jos, since 1993 and at present serves as Vice President (Academic).

Jacob Tivlumun Hundu was born in 1966 at Mbausa, Ute, in Vandeikya Local Government of Benue State, Jacob holds a B.LS Degree from University of Maiduguri, (Hons) BInf Degree from University of South Africa, a M.RS degree from Nations University, and is currently working on his thesis for a M.Inf degree from the University of South Africa. Jacob was baptized in 1995 in Bauchi State and started working with School of Biblical Studies as its librarian in 1998. He and his wife Juliana have two daughters, Dooshima and Mngohol.

Ibrahim Nyamor, a convert from Islam, is an indigene of Vandeikya, Benue State. He graduated from SBS with a Diploma in Bible in 1996 and immediately started working as a World Bible School follow-up evangelist in Kano, Kano State. In 2002 he was admitted to Freed-Hardeman University where he obtained his B.A and M.A Degrees in Bible. He is presently pursuing his Doctor of Divinity at the Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomosho, Oyo State. Ibrahim is married to Ngozi and they have two daughters, Seson and Aluemo. 

Sister Chika Onyimba was born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. She started teaching (part-time) at SBS in January 2001 and full-time in May 2004. Chika holds a B.Ed and M.Ed Degrees from the University of Jos. She teaches the following courses: Basic English Grammar; The Use of English; English Composition I & II; and Introduction to Literature in English. Chika is married to Isaac Onyimba, an active member of the Church of Christ at Alheri in Jos. Chika and Isaac have three sons: Isaac Chinonso, Dexter Amarachukwu and Disney Sopuluchukwu. 

Dabish Simon was born in 1967, in Mangu Local Government of Plateau State. A graduate of Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom, Abak Akwa Ibom State. He holds a BTh Degree from School of Biblical Studies, Jos. Simon also holds a Certificate in Education awarded by the National Teachers Institute. He serves as the Coordinator of Extension Training Program of the SBS. He is married to Theresa and they have three children – Daspan, Nanret and Sekyen. 

Bala Turgong was born in 1976 at Cham, Balanga Local Government of Gombe State and was baptized in 1991. He holds a Diploma in Bible from School of Biblical Studies, Jos; a Higher National Diploma in Agricultural Engineering Extension and Farm management both from the College of Agriculture, Zuru, Kebbi State. He then completed his one year of National Youth Service Corps in Ebonyi State. Bala served as an evangelist with the Church of Christ, Zuru, Kebbi State for six years and is currently the Coordinator of our Agriculture Program at the School of Biblical Studies, Jos. He is at present pursuing his Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics and Extension from the Abu Bakr Tafa Balawa University, Bauchi, Bauchi State. 


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