Training Extension Program


JUNE 2007 

On June 10, 2007 the School Of Biblical Studies plans to send six of its teaching staff to three centers within Northern Nigeria. These centers are Kano center in Kano State, Gombe center in Gombe State, and Sokoto center in Sokoto State. Kano is four hours, Gombe is three, and Sokoto is six hours traveling time. Two staff member will spend two weeks at their assigned centers. In each center four courses will be taught for two weeks. 
In our Kano center we will have Brother Tom Ekpot who will teach Church History and Survey of Old Testament, while Bala Turgong will teach the Book of Acts and the Synoptic Gospels. At our Gombe center, Brother Napthali Dagasamah will teach Survey of the New Testament while Simon Dabish will teach the Book of Acts and Church History. In our Sokoto center, Brother Ibrahim Nyamor will teach Principles and Methods of Evangelism and a Survey of Old Testament, while Brother Jacob Hundu will teach Paul's Epistles 1 and Church History. All the staff scheduled to teach this semester are scheduled to leave Jos on June 10 to begin lectures on Monday, June 11. They will close their lectures and give examinations on the 23rd June. 
We are in the process of placing a television, video tape player, a security cabinet, and a stabilizer, in each of our training centers which will facilitate the students learning process throughout the year. We hope to make a variety of lessons on VCR tapes, DVD's and CD's, stored in our library on campus, available to the centers. In May of this year the brethren of the Church of Christ in Arab, Alabama, funded the equipment for our Kano Center. 

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