A Brief History


In 1992 Steve Worley and Dr. Solomon Aguh visited Kampala to meet with church leaders and conduct his first Leadership Workshop in Uganda, East Africa.  It was a tremendous success considering what the country had suffered at the hands of Idi Amin.  The major request made by the representatives of the 35 congregations who attended was to help them obtain a school of preaching in Uganda.  

  Dr. Aguh and Brother Worley, under the oversight of the elders of the Central Church of Christ in Gadsden, Alabama, had started the School of Biblical Studies, Jos, in Plateau State, Nigeria, West Africa in 1989, so they knew what such an endeavor would take.  They knew that they would have to find good men to teach, and then provide them with an outstanding education in Bible.  They asked the Ugandan brethren to choose men of good report and send them to SBS in Nigeria.  The Church of Christ at Foote Street in Corinth, Mississippi agreed to provide the funds necessary for this project.  

Seven men traveled to Jos, Nigeria to study Bible at SBS. One of the men brought his family, and his wife completed a four year course of study too.  The course of study was rigorous and the living conditions were deplorable by American standards.  Two men proved unfit, another lost interest, but the other four proved to be outstanding Christians with a love to teach, preach, and participate in seeking the lost.

Dr. Aguh and Steve traveled again to Uganda from Nigeria in 2006.  During that trip they purchased 13 acres of land at Kigumba in Northern Uganda.  Brother Rhone Aguaza added two more acres in 2009.  The registration of the land, site survey, and plans for the two buildings were completed soon after their departure. A hand-dug water well and plans to bring electricity to the site was started.

In November of 2009, the elders at Corinth sent Terry Smith, Dr. Aguh, and Brother Worley to Uganda for two weeks.  They were met by Brother Rhone who had arranged for them to visit with brethren throughout Uganda to inform them of plans for the Uganda Christian Bible College, at Kigumba.  They answered questions, and welcomed suggestions on how the college could serve the needs of the Church of Christ in Uganda. 

The dorm was completed and classes started in late August 2011.  The teaching staff consists of four men and one woman. Brother Luke Apamaku completed a four year accredited degree in Bible at Jos in 2003.  He joined the teaching staff at SBS to learn administration until returning to Uganda in June of 2007.  Muhyana Raimond completed his degree program and returned to Kasese in 2005.  Simon Odungo completed his four year accredited degree program in May of 2006 and started working in Soroti.  In May of 2008 Sister Joyce Apamaku completed her studies and returned to join Luke working a Kigumba.   Brother Anguaza E. Rhone completed his course of study in 2009 then returned to Uganda and as future head of the school he obtained a Certification of Incorporation establishing the Uganda Christian Bible College. 

Our appreciation goes to the loving Christians who have supported SBS and its extended works in Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Cameroon  and Uganda.  Our brother Paul exhorts us through God's word when he wrote, "And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."(Gal.6:9)  May our Lord bless this effort to bring glory to His name.  



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One of the dorms at the school in Uganda

Dorm and Kitchen

Dorm and Kitchen

Uganda, Africa

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