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Hello, again!

Visiting a new place can be intimidating... Even in a small town.


 Our goal for having a website and listing "what we believe" is not to make a blanket statement list of "Church of Christ beliefs" for you to adopt before coming to see us. Rather, we would like to introduce you to some of the leaders at our congregation and to  better explain how we believe God's Word says the church established in the New Testament worshiped.

We hope that this will help you feel more at ease during your first visits.

Contact & Local Information

Thinking about visiting the Catfish Capital of the World? [This one. Not those imposters. :) ]
Need our address or phone number? 

Well, this link is for you!  
Please come see us!

Our History

Find out a little more about the history of "The Church at Savannah" by reading this featured article.

                Click  here! 

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